We picked up a hitch hiker,  so our trailer was empty and we told Mom she could buy something big to weigh us down a little.  This was the closest we could come up with, a quilt doll, meet Bella. I bet Izzie Belmont is goin like this.  On the road again —G    doll

Were in Mississippi!!  miss

We are in AR we had ribs at a roadside barbeque and Russ’ mouth is still burning.  It was great food and a lot of locals eating there, writing on all the walls painted on inside.  They had  homemade everything, desserts.  Got pictures.  On the road again    —G

Were almost into litlle rock AR.  It very green real and real hot, haven’t seen a quilt sign in states.  There are tons of trucks on the road and we have seen families traveling.  Gas prices rising, so must be heading west,ast stop 2.69.  Heard through the grapevine the video is great hope we can soon see it.  We hope you all feel a part of the journey, as it took all of us to accomplish it.  You all just aren’t driving the truck I hope Bella is doing ok in the back. On the road again.   -G

So were traveling down hwy40 and we pass a sign, liquor 100 miles, must be dry out here.  Then we pass a pickup with a cow and baby calf in the back.  Russ is trying to find a dead armadillo onn the side of the road cuz, I don’t believe there are any out here. Then we just went by the biggest American flag and got a picture.  On the road again  –G

We are in OK now.   Trying to make it to Oklahoma City.  We stopped at the Flying J for gas.   I called a good friend Marilyn Withrow,  it happened they lived down the road and they met us for 5 minutes. Even though it was short, it was  a joy to see them.  Marilyn is a quilt Judge/appraiser and Gene is the best Veteran I know.  This country is beautiful we’ve seen so many things and I have to say Russ was right,  I saw a dead armadillo.  On the road again  -G