There were approximately 80 people in attendance tonight.  I had a great time seeing the rest of Mission Control.  I unfortunately did not WIN at Bunco.  Dinner was served and the dice began rolling.  We will post pictures later.  It was nice to see Gail relaxed and rested after so many days on the road.  Mom (Virginia Belmont) looking radiant and almost rested.  She confided that by tomorrow, she would be in the swing of things again.

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and it will be nice to have a rest ourselves.  We will continue to  post from time to time.  Tink & Dick Linhard, will be working on a project for the National Guard in the state of Wisonsin so please stayed tuned for further updates on that.   What a grand and rewarding trip this has been for all, I have enjoyed working with everyone in QOV Foundation   –admin(pauline)

[wpvideo ETzlzk40]