Another adventure is about to begin. This past month, Champions of Change decided to have a reunion in Washington, DC. At first I thought it’s too much trouble to go and I am still not healed from recent knee surgery but then again, this is a once in a lifetime trip. Flo agreed to go to babysit me and carry the extra bags so I can attend. I really don’t know what to expect but I will try and update you as the event unfolds. We will get to stay at the “mansion” and spend some time with our DC family, Carl and Jeannine. We will first attend the Stockton Model A Club’s Christmas party where we will present 4 quilts. Then, we will have exactly one hour there and head to the Sacramento airport. It should be quite a day, of course in my life that’s just a regular day.

This past week we had a quilter and her husband from Citrus Heights visit thevietvetdecember2016 shop. She had heard me speak at her Guild and she wanted her husband to meet me. They couldn’t believe the shop. The best was Barb had already gotten a quilt ready. She knew I was going to award him a quilt. When I gave him his quilt he cried and his wife did too. When they got ready to leave he asked if he could buy the panel for his buddy. I asked if he was a veteran and Steve said yes, he served in Vietnam. I asked Steve if I gave him a quilt would he present it to his buddy. Steve got big tears and said what a place we had and what we do is so special. They left pretty happy and I know we made his day.

We have been mailing an average of 18 quilts a week from the requests we receive through our website. It has kept Barb, Willene and Cliff busy. It takes all day to prepare to ship that many quilts. We have 4 presentations this month so job security wouldn’t you say? Even though it is the Christmas season, it never slows for us.

I will keep you posted on how many “u-turns” it will take to get us to Champions of Change. Stay tuned……..

God bless and keep stitching,