We started our day heading to Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial. Barb’s sister joined us today as she lives close and she had never been to the Memorial either. Linda and Phil Thompson had told us about the Memorial and I have to say this is the best kept secret for California. It is one of the most beautiful memorials I have ever seen – the cross, the views of the San Diego area, and the walls of plaques of veterans. We all had to get our pictures taken with the services we love.

We had all gone in different directions to check out the Memorial and I immediately noticed a veteran sitting on the top step. I went up and sat next to him. We started talking and it wasn’t long before I found out he was retired Navy and comes to the Memorial at least twice a week to clean the granite. Well, I headed off to find Barb and she had already figured I was going to give him a quilt. We gathered everybody and headed up the steps and I presented him with a quilt. He truly looked shocked. We asked him his name to put on the label and asked him if he would like to open it. He said, no that’s ok and off he went to his car. I thought, wow, that was different and went about looking around when I heard a deep voice say, “hey veteran; you want to see my plaque?” It was him. We got the girls and off we went to see his plaque. By now we knew his name was Bob. We started reading his plaque – he has three silver stars. I looked at him and said, “Wow Bob, three silver stars – that’s awesome.” He shyly said, “I got them on patrol.” Now that is an honorable man. Next thing we know he is gone again – back up to the top of the Memorial so I went back up there and sat next to him. He told many stories of all the veterans on the wall and where their plaques were and then he said to me, “it’s a nice thing you do.” I often say God has given me a gift to know when to give and today was truly one of those days.

We left the Memorial and headed to the Bates Nut Farm for their arts and crafts fair. It was quite a ride but more of California we have never seen. It was a pretty cool place. The store had every nut and dried fruit and tons of candy. We walked through the crafts until we were wore out and decided to head back so we could see Old Town. Oh, they didn’t keep us at the nut farm.

We got to Old Town just in time to have dinner – homemade tortillas made right next to our table and boy was that town busy. Mexican food everywhere and all busy. You know we had to window shop until we darn near dropped but the night wasn’t complete until we had ice cream.

What can I say about today. It was pretty darn awesome. We met a hero and saw great things. Tomorrow we will go to the USS Midway, rest, and then give quilts out tomorrow night. We have recruited Barb’s sister to help. We are also meeting Becky and Rosemary for the ceremony, so stay tuned……….

God Bless,