To all that are sending well wishes for Dad Belmont he will have surgery this afternoon.  Our family can’t thank you enough for caring.  Quilters and their families and friends are very special people, always there to give just like your QoV’s.
We have another star in our QoV family Kate in Kansas City got in the papers for QoV.  It is so great to see all these QoVers getting recognized.
This weekend is Valley Springs fireworks over our lake. I always take my boat out and they shoot them right over our head.  It is so great, I even put fireworks on my quilts sometime.  One time the ashes where fallin right in front of us, everyone was yellin at me to move, I said “the guys don’t move in combat” but I lost we moved.  So if things work out
Saturday night I will be in the middle of New Hogan Dam celebrating a successful mission for QoV.  And hopfully a well Dad.  Until next time