What a day we had breakfast with Frank & Diane then it rained buckets if water and our friend passed on, then we got lost when we were tired but God found me a carwash and of course we were the only ones using it.  Dad helped even though I knew he thought I’d lost it.  We got back on road and found a nice place with pool/spa I already hit it.  we ate after not eating except Dads $8.49 pretzels so were saving money but we had good dinner.

So as I think about everyone back home I miss everyone it seems long since we started our journey.  We hope our trip is bringing more awareness of what we do.  I can’t thank all of you enough for being out there reading the blog and remember send emails to today show, good morning America we need to tell them were here and were not going away.

last but least I pick up the BOSS tomorrow you know were like dead opposites she sophisticated and I’m country but were both striving to make QUILTS OF VALOR better for everyone so stay tuned its now going to get even crazier.

God Bless America
God Bless Qovers
God Bless my crew thats trying to keep me straight
Safe Flight for Catherine


Gail favorite kind of sign ... :)

Gail's favorite kind of sign ... 🙂