Wyoming .. doesn't look much diffenrent than Utah...

Wyoming .. doesn't look much different than Utah...

Dinner at Ruby Tuesday.  We made it. We had a bad weather day. hotel has pool so guess where this kid is going.
Dad can’t wait for hot bath. I miss home, my chica, dog, my boots, & cat and I know mom misses zander
I’ll send more later -g-

Were in Denver, will post pictures and more after we settle in our hotel.  -g-

We’re 25 miles of outside of Denver, the weather looks threatening, there’s lots if traffic on Hwy 25.  I decided I don’t wanna live in Utah (too much rain), nor Wyoming (too windy) and I haven’t decided about Colorado.  I’m in heaven, i’m passing by the big Harley Davidson dealership. WhooHoo!  I gotta wash the truck we got a 1000 miles of dirt on it.  We’ll keep you posted.   -g-

So we decide to snack, so mom forgets my kettle chips and i have to eat dad’s gluten free pretzes, so i’m crunchin down and they tell me dad doesn’t want to share cuz they are $8.49 a bag… so the moral of the story is don’t be GLUTEN FREE …   -g-

look at “Follow that Quilt” for lastest musing from Gail   -admin

Wy this road is way long 289 miles before we turn to hwy 287 an’t nothin out here but sage brush and rain  -g-
If anyone has a point of contact in Camp Lejeune or other base, please forward our blog.. let them know we’re on our way, and to follow us…   -admin-

were in WY, send pic later   -g-

We’re on 80 east outside of evanton, wy, 342 miles to denver, still poring rain, pretty and green here, so much water not like ca, wish i could take some home  -g-

Tell the QOVers to pray for no rain from NE we want our legion riders  -g-

Dad making me nervous he’s driving narrow road, pouring rain, rushing river on other side, wholly molely, what an adventure  -g-

Raining Cats and Dogs, pray it eases up were in canyon heading to wy  -g-

Good Morning QOVers,

Diane J is escorting us to Bountiful for breasfast, cloudy skys, hope weather is good for us,  boomers and bangers we might hit (thunder & lightning), we will see you after we eat, will send more photos  -g-
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