Boy, what a day of remembrance. We started early and never looked back. We gave out so many quilts that I lost count. We had a great crew, Flo, Debbie, Joyce, Renee, Linda, Rick, Val, Peg, Karen and Barbara. At times it took all of us. We were awarding quilts and selling all kinds of stuff in the booth. Some of our Quilts of Honor family came to visit us, Rita, Bob and the boys; Mom and Dad Belmont; and Sister Diane.

We all enjoyed the great ceremony. The choir sang ‘Wings’ and there was a group of bagpipers that played Amazing Grace. We awarded two quilts at the big ceremony and both guys had tears.

There were so many stories from so many veterans. I’ll try to see if I can relate. I did get to give a quilt to Bennie, a US Navy veteran female who went to the Gulf War. She is in my VA group and yes, she cried. Toward the end of the day, we gave to an active duty Army National Guard female, who had been downrange Enduring Freedom. She kept saying, “You’re going to make me cry and I don’t cry”.

We gave to a Korean War Veteran who was turning 87 years old tomorrow and had just lost his wife a month ago – they had been married for 67 years. His daughter said that this will help him so much. His smile was as big as Texas.

Then there was a guy who walked up to the booth and started looking at pins. We started asking him questions and we knew he needed a quilt. While I was getting a quilt ready, his buddy, who he served with in Vietnam, comes up and their hugging. So, out comes another quilt. I awarded the quilt – he couldn’t believe it was for him and he kept calling his wife, “look honey what they gave me”.

A USMC veteran, who also served in the Air Force, was in a total of 38 years. Boy, did he need a quilt. The USMC veteran was in Vietnam looking for prisoners of war. He gave us a $100 donation. He was so happy.

During the morning, Flo and I got to ride the golf cart scouting for a certain veteran. We finally found him looking at the Wall so we just presented the quilt right there.

I could go on forever and I hope I won’t forget all we gave to today. I will try to update tomorrow as I’m pretty tired and my brain has run out. Stay tuned until tomorrow.

God Bless,