BOY what a day, I’ll let Julia explain our day (see earlier post from Julia), she did it so well.  Its going to be hard for me to explain this one except for Catherine hanging out the window.  Before I begin I want to say thank you to Julia & Sara in Lincoln and the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.  Those NE people they bring it on, and we got food too!  You know I have learned, it seems to pour rain and then God stopped it for our riders, we got a smelly room and cousin Sue fixed it.  There is always someone around the corner to be there for us.  Just like this blog they always take what we send and make great things.  Today I was a veteran when I realized the American Legion riders were escorting OUR Quilts of Valor.  I felt such honor, I know how hard all of you work out there to comfort our warriors.  It was a feeling like I feel when I Play or hear the National Anthem. I spoke to my fellow veterans the American Legion riders and one said you know Gail I have read all about what you all do and I thought how nice.  Then I came here and saw this and it brought it home.  So QOV’ers,  you done yourself proud your making these people wake up and see were wartime  quilters with a mission to get our quilts out there to our warriors.

I want to thank all those for giving me the honor to do this. God Bless you all and stay tuned.

See you on the road… God Bless   -G

The Boss makin' us look, GOOD!!!