It looks kinda sunny like its going to be cold but then you walk outside and the oven hits you.  Were all excited were here we will have cameras rolling today, And blog as often we can, so you All can be apart of our journey .  –G

babyWouldn’t this make your day I woke to my cute chubby grand niece the youngest of the Belmont clan I bet she makes you smile.

rolling thunderWere in the parking lot with 75 Rolling Thunder motorcycles waiting to be escorted to Vietnam Memorial Wall dedication Its so beautiful almost all are that era women and men vets On the road again    -G

We came to this awesome memorial, and its hotter than hades, sweat pouring down us. Bert be glad your not here.  We all gave up and said let’s  go back.  I’m tellin you this CA kid now thinks, It’s cool at home.  Our group has grown Jackie, Jean, Deb Duane, Shawn and soon Vickie.  Were in a Mexican restaurant trying to cool off, its 92 not countin’ humidity. Were all excited to be together and Shawn is filming us.  Stay tuned  –G

On our tour, going on the bus, i’m having flashbacks from riding in bus with my Women’s Army Corp band.  The bus is white instead of green for Army.  Camp Le Jeune has over 90000 people that live here.  Were on the base.  — G

We just spent the last hour with General Osterman,it was so great and we all got a generals coin he wants us to convey to our quilters he thanks you for a tremendous job. Thank you sir and good luck on your new assignment  –G