A Veteran Honoring Veterans and Those Who Serve in Harms Way. Gail knows how our warriors feel, not just in the present conflicts, but in the past wars that our country has fought protecting our freedoms. Scars may not show, but that does not mean a warrior is unaffected. In 2005 we began our journey, one that would lead us to form a nonprofit organization called Quilts of Honor. Between 2005 and April 2010, Gail worked with an organization providing patriotic quilts to those service members touched by war. Since Gail was a veteran of the Vietnam era and had played Taps for the fallen, she did not want any of our warriors to be forgotten.

During those years, Gail and her friends worked fervently piecing and quilting quilts for our Military. The Navy Seals asked for a special quilt to be given to President Bush. The Presidential quilt was finally presented to him in 2007 having been delayed by hurricane Katrina. In the fall of 2007, The Warrior quilt, painted by Linda Hasbrook and quilted by Gail, was presented to the Pentagon and installed in the 9/11 Memorial Display Case. In June 2009, Gail along with her parents Bob and Virginia, left Valley Springs to travel across America to a special presentation of quilts to the Marine Corp’s 3/8 at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. As they drove across America, they picked up quilts from quilters wishing to also honor our military. They began their journey with 200 quilts and arrived at Camp LeJeune with over 1,300 quilts. In August 2009, the Lady Warrior quilt was presented to the Women’s Memorial at Arlington Cemetery.

In April 2010, Gail’s passion and mission for providing comfort and healing to our warriors and veterans had grown ever stronger. With the help of those who had stood beside her, Quilts of Honor was formed, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healing, loving quilts to those who have served in harms way protecting our freedoms.