What can I say about today, you all will see all the filming of it when Catherine gets it together.  Its so hard to imagine all those quilts and even that we did it.  Our group that is here, is amazing and they all have a story.   I got to listen when our Hollywood film crew did their thing.  Then they recruited me to hold the boom pole.   I’m tellin you I don’t get paid enough for the boom pole. The amazing thing was, three high school seniors came here, they made 50 QOV’s with their teachers.   They’re very special girls all going off to college.  So I go to hold the boom pole to film our girls, and I swung the pole around and almost wiped them out of their chairs.  They sure kept an eye on me the rest of the night and I bet I won’t have to hold the boom pole. So its late again  Good night I think I’m brain dead tonight, until the morning —G