I sit here and its still hard to believe were here.  We had such a good day with LTC ODOM.  I think we all felt like part of the 3/8 .  The Marines give all they can, and i think that’s what make them so special.  We experienced the heat of NC and we all decided we would stay living where were at.  The country is truly beautiful so green and so many trees.  The Marines are there for us all the time.  They will be escorting us to American Legion to sort quilts and we hope to meet some of the wives.  We are so proud to be doing this for all of you out there its been wild and crazy but what an adventure.  Catherine says we gotta do something like this ,and first one to say something is Mom Belmont she says not me, then dad chimes in me either.  I believe they both have enjoyed this trip it has been long and hard but worth it all.   I think to myself how lucky m I to have gone across country with my folks doing this.  Please stay tuned until we get home, we still have alot of excitement.  Were all calling it an early night.
God bless you all  -G