Catherine & Mom at Denver airport

Catherine & Mom at Denver airport

Hey were in Nebraska, were doing good on time.  We’re gonna stop in North Platte, Nebraska for dinner at a steak house.  Did you know Nebraska is known for their steaks…  –g-

Afternoon Snack  —  We stopped for gas.Next to station was Dairy Queen, Catherine mom and I head for ice cream it was so good. The lady cashier says what are you doing? I gave her our story, she says that’s so cool !  You know what we do is not only cool, but a gift of giving. Like when we gave a QOV to Lori Housel (a Marine mom) today, her son is in Afghanastan.  She cried, and she quilts QOVvs to give to others but understands what a gift of love quilts of valor are.  Mom and I sat in the airport while  waiting for catherine, we told this couple our story they wrote down our website, but when mom was talking at first the man was polite but the more mom talked, Soon his wife said that is beautiful thing you do.  I’ll try and keep tellin you the stories were 7 miles fromNE   -g-

So were in the truck heading towards lincoln NE. Catherine is stressing cause the tripod didn’t come in. So tripod is being shipped to Warrenton MO. We both can’t believe were in the car.  There clouds are all over but it is clear right over us.  I got to use Chris’s camera which is so cool.  Catherine filmed the ladies from Boulder. Were trying to calm down, the phones and email are ringing off the hook. Catherine is now on phone to Omaha News, this is good.  Please Keep emailing, The View, Oprah ,Local news, whomever you can think of, to get our story out to the public.  Its windy, green and kinda flat.  More later stay tuned.  Oh dad might share his prezels with Catherine, isn’t she lucky.  -g

34 QOV from Colorado and surrounding areas. Total in the van 281  -g-

They are in Denver picking up QOV as we speak, Gail will call us as soon as we have a total # quilts received and total in the van  -admin

Catherine did it, ran the race, and now caught up to the rest of the crew.  Off to get quilts and the mighty road.