I’ve never met 2 women so full of energy and more energy as Gail and  Catherine!! I met up with them at the motel, about 1 PM, I think … we had some confusion about a motel change, I took the scenic route to find them!! LOLOL

Anyway, we had to go back to the first motel to meet the Legion Riders, which was not a problem, it even stopped raining on our parade! Captian Chuck and 5 other riders gave us one great escort to the Quilt Study. We spent probably a 30 minutes visiting with the Riders, Catherine interviewed each, took lots of pictures. Even showed some quilts to some kids who came wondering what we were doing!!

Catherine and I took off before the escort, I had to pull off into a turning lane, to wait for them to catch up, so Catherine to shoot them, with the camera, then we drove along side of them all the way down Cornhusker Hwy, which is on the north side of Lincoln, we managed to stay together until we got to 27th street, which is a big intersection, I was suppose to get up in front of the escort, but due traffic flow I could not .. once we got to 33rd street, I cut threw a parking lot, hoping Chuck would slow them down so I could get in front, but those Riders were having too much fun … so we followed behind, there was a group outside waiting for us at the Quilt Study.

Sara and her group of Craft Ladies did a grand job having of displaying the quilts along the railing up to the 2nd floor where the reception was held.  I’m going to guess and say about 50 people were there. I think our local TV station channel 10 and NETV (public TV) interviewed Catherine and Gail.

Once the reception started Maureen introduced Sara, which she did a great job speaking, then Gail spoke. I think this is when they presented the QUILT to the director of the Quilt Study! Oh MY, what a beauty it is! I felt that Quilt Study reps, were very surprised and pleased with the presentation!!!!

Our Legion Riders stayed and enjoyed the reception, they are a great bunch of veterans! We all just visited and did LOTS of public relations … one quilter was still finishing her quilt, sitting there hand stitching the binding. Another drove from Omaha with 5 quilts, along with 5 of her 9 kids her hubby is deployed. I’m still floating on cloud nine!!


We all left the Quilt Study about 6 PM, 2 riders escorting Gail and Crew back to the motel. The escort will met them again in the morning to escort to the NE border … I hope to be at the rally point in the morning to see them off!

Ladies, I’m just in total awe of what we have accomplished!! Thank you one and all!!!

Julia, NE