I would say we had a full day. We started our day at the Guenther Flour Mill where we had breakfast. As you can see it was awesome. They make pioneer mix which is sold all over and the company is still family owned. We then took off to the biggest flea market around Texas. There were over 1,000 vendors – we didn’t even last a quarter of it but we got Duffle bags full to come home.

Then we decided to go see the Missions. First one was Mission San Juan. We left there, had a great lunch/dinner at Cracker Barrel – sorry Marsha Smith. After we got our second breath, we decided to go find another Mission. We found the Mission San Jose. It was big and so beautiful. So, we said there was one more we missed and we might as well go for it. So, off we went. I have to say they were all different and all beautiful. When we got to the last Mission, (the ‘gps’ had been directing us), and looked up, we had made a complete circle around San Antonio. We didn’t even know how we did it. We ended up where we started – at the flour mill.

We went back to the hotel, rested, packed, and off we went to award the last 4 quilts to USS Blue veterans. When we entered the room, they were all starting to eat but they got quiet and said, “You’re back.” We awarded the 4 quilts, took pictures, and then Rita asked me to say something. I told the story of going to the Vietnam Wall and then we said goodbye. As the three of us walked through the room, they all stood up and clapped. As I write this I get chills for the honor they gave us.

After all that, we decided we would get some ice cream on our last night and headed over to the river. It was now 9:00 pm here and we watched a laser light show at the San Fernando Church for about 10 minutes. It was amazing to see but we were beat. I hailed a cab and back to the hotel we went.

I had been wondering how the last night really went when Rita stopped by our room to tell us some stories of actions of the men who had received their quilts. Rita said one went in the corner of the room and cried; another one said he couldn’t believe that after all these years someone would do this–he didn’t know how to take it. After we had given out the 4 quilts tonight, many of the men started to cry again. Rita also said the men were told that we had come here for a quilt show so we could surprise them but when they found out we came only for them, they were overwhelmed again. We ran into a bunch of them late tonight in the elevator and in the hall. They were still thanking us and giving us hugs and throwing kisses. We have created a bond that will last a lifetime.

We are now getting organized and ready to get up at 3:45 am to fly out. We had a great trip and we are proud to have served the USS Blue. They will forever be in our hearts.

Now we start preparing for San Diego and the Marines. Keep those stitches stitching ladies and gentlemen. We have more warriors to serve.

God bless all,