Oh what a beautiful ceremony.  We had people from everywhere to see the event.   I had a special moment when I met a gentleman from a  Purple Heart Chapter.  He was asking me about Quilts of Valor.  I told him of the three High School girls that were in our group, so later he came by and gave me three Purple Heart coins and asked me to give them to them and that was all he had left.  I made a little event and explained the coin and what it meant.  I gotta tell you as a Veteran for the first time I had a hard time giving that Purple Heart coin.  I will post more as we go our journey home we have tons of pictures. And more stories so I hope you stay tuned.  GOD BLESS OUR QOV’ers who helped with this MISSION.  THANK YOU TO. OUR CREW AT HOME cat, pauline, jan, debbie, diana, bert lynne, shirley.  Hope I didn’t forget anybody.  We love you guys and couldn’t do it without all of you.  –G