Hello everyone;

Quilts of Valor Across America is officially in the books. It was a great success, QoV collected and actually gave out 1354 quilts along its cross country journey. The Belmonts and Catherine met some great people and found some quaint little towns along the way. We’ve heard from people in Alaska, south to Texas and even the UK! The blog at its peak had over 1500 hits a day with a high of 2000 plus. Even today, we still have people viewing the blog, “it’s become part of their morning routine” are some of the comments I’ve read in recent days.

Honestly, when I thought of this part of the project (the blog) I never imaged so many people would tune in and follow along as you have. It was an amazing two 1/2 weeks but a crazy one back here at ‘Mission Control’. I’m not sure if I/we could ever top this production in the next venture. But, I have to say that my contribution was due to Gail Belmont and her family, extended family and the local quilting guild in Valley Springs, CA. These are fine people and it was my pleasure to help bring this journey to you via the internet to everyone.

So where do we go from here? I know, Gail mentioned that she might continue to blog here and I think we may open this blog to others across the country. (but, if we do that, there are gonna be some serious crash courses in computer blogging and slide show making 🙂 ) But, what would you like to see from this blog and what information would like to see on the of the Quilts of Valor Foundation Website? Please let us know – because we love hearing from you! We might even put you on the Google Map 🙂

Once again, thank you for tuning in and following along. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the daily posts and the video slide shows. It was my pleasure!

Best Wishes

Kats (tech admin)
(Mission Control from SF, CA)