Today we all decided to go to the WWII Museum. We wanted to know more about the history of our WWII veterans. We started down our long road to town – we are on Venetian Island in a Big house with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. There are 8 of us staying here and boy do we have the stories. Last night we were all trying to get to bed as we had been up since 3:00am when I hear commotion in the kitchen. Tony is screaming and Carl is beating on something. I walk over and look and there is the biggest cockroach I ever saw. Of course I said something and here comes Rita and she screams. Finally Carl puts the bug down the garbage disposal which made Debbie scream, “Why did you kill it in the kitchen – we eat there.” Poor Carl, he couldn’t win and here he was the savior. Then, this morning everyone is coming out of their rooms and one says my shower was cold so I took a spit bath and another one says she only had a stream of water. I’m thinking it’s going to be a long week.

When you travel with me I’ve always said, when it’s time to go you had better be in the car or I’m leaving and I always give them the time we’re leaving. This morning the time was 8:00 am. We get to our NCIS car and there are 8 of us so we are full up but I’m missing one – Cyndy. She said she was upstairs, came out and everyone was gone – you don’t fool around when you give a time and everyone laughed – that’s how it is with Gail.

We finally got into New Orleans through the French Quarter, which really wasn’t the route, but we finally got to the WWII Museum with no u-turns. Everyone enjoyed the Museum. You can’t see it all in one day – there are 4 huge buildings – we only saw 1 ½.

We walked for miles around the French Quarter and only saw a little of it. First stop was for beignets and coffee where Rita picked up on a waiter and they got engaged – that was quite interesting. The picture shows we all enjoyed them – Rita had powder everywhere and Debbie had it all over her face and shirt. You can’t take us anywhere.

We sat down on a bench to rest when a gorilla came up to us and decided to play, take pictures and swing his butt at us. They have some crazy people around here. We even saw a poodle painted three colors with pompoms. Then we went for a carriage ride all through the French Quarter. It was fun except when the horse gave us whiplash on the stop and go. We saw the most beautiful Catholic Church, the oldest in the United States. We decided we would stay until dinner and walk the riverfront but lord it was a long way. We are old and our feet, knees, and backs were dead tired by the time we got to the riverfront. Our laugh for the evening was Rita with the butt bin in the park. We made it back home in time to start our Board meeting working on Quilts of Honor Business which we all enjoy.

It has been nice to have Cyndy along. She has gotten some great photos of us and doesn’t miss much. You never know what kind of picture you might see so we better look out. We have laughed until we cried at the stupidest things but we all love each other and enjoy what QOH does.

Enjoy – until tomorrow – God bless