Yesterday being the 4th, I’m usually the first to have fireworks but not this year.  We had our fireworks at the Angels Camp 4th of July Celebration.  We gave out a total of 17 Quilts of Honor.  Barbara, Debbie and Flo spent the day helping to set up our quilt booth and awarding quilts.  It was an old fashioned 4th.  I was honored to play To the Colors to start the Parade of Flags.  They sat me up front on the stage – kinda felt pretty important.  After the reading of the Declaration of Independence, we started our Quilt of Honor ceremony.  One by one each veteran was called up front to receive their quilt.  All 15 recipients were surprised and honored to receive their quilt.  The crowd would stand and clap for each one.  There were tears and smiles as big as Texas.  Angels camp thanked us for all we do so many times and we got many compliments from the crowd.

It was a pretty hot day.  By the time we broke down our booth and loaded the truck, we were so hot and tired.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast so we decided to get food to bring home, eat, then unload the truck.  When you’re hot and starving it’s not a good mix.  Deb and I went to MarVal, our famous grocery store and the one and only in Valley Springs, to get food – shouldn’t have gone into the store hungry.  We came out with everything and it was sure good.

Then, we went to unload the truck and we were doing pretty good when I heard this voice far off saying, “I’m here.”  I knew it was Deb and I was thinking what is she doing; where is she.  Now remember it’s hot and then I hear Deb say, “I’m in the shed.”  The door shut and she got locked in and stuck behind the QOH sign.  I started laughing – only Deb could get herself locked in the shed.  You could say we always have some kind of adventure.

We had a great day, made some veterans very happy and those were some pretty good fireworks, tears and smiles.

God bless America land of the Free because of the Brave,


PS:  Someone is getting the word out about us because this week we received 14 quilt requests thru the website from all across the US.  Keep quilting everyone– we are doing an awesome job.