It was nice to have a day off and play tourist. We decided to go to the San Diego Zoo. My, what a place. It is huge – so many plants it looked like a jungle everywhere we went instead of in the middle of the city. There were so many neat animals. We walked over 5 miles. Boy, were we glad to get back to the car. We must have made 5 u-turns trying to figure out where we were going. I think we passed the treetop three times, not that we wanted to. I bet we all sleep tonight and I hope we can all walk tomorrow.

I did get to go to the San Diego Champions Hall of Fame to see my good friend Pete’s picture and plaque. I know Margaret would be proud that I took the time.

We ran into two women from Canada standing in line at the Zoo and they knew about Quilts of Honor. That made us proud.

Weather has been cool but beautiful.  Can’t wait for tomorrow – we are going to the beach. Stay tuned……..

God bless,