Everyday has become an adventure and my schedule seems to be like a bouncing ball. We think, oh this week we will slow down – ha – that has made us all laugh now because it never slows anymore.

This past month we had an award ceremony at Fred’s Firearms in Oakdale, CA.  See, you never know where we will end up – a gun shop – really? We awarded three quilts that day while our Oakdale sew sisters looked on. One quilt was given to an Iraq veteran and two quilts to two Vietnam veterans. One of the Vietnam veterans presented us a nice letter in a frame thanking us. It was a nice, small ceremony but I loved the excitement of the Iraq veteran wanting a picture with his quilt and so proud.

Our next ceremony was at the Alameda Women’s History Month which we have attended for the last 5 years. This year’s event was held on the Coast Guard Station. Flo went with me and as soon as we drove through the gate there was a Post Exchange so naturally we detoured there first to do some shopping – you know that’s important, too. We eventually got to the event where we heard two very accomplished women veterans speak. One was a West Point graduate and the other was a Coast Guard Boatswain #321 which means she is certified to save lives – not many have that certification let alone a women. Both of these veterans showed how life in the military has changed but is still a fight for so many women. I was very honored to award these ladies quilts.

We had maybe a day or two and then off we went to the Veteran’s Center at Modesto Junior College to present quilts. We awarded a total of 5 quilts, mostly all Iraq veterans, one female veteran and 4 male veterans. We met up with our motorcycle gang who we had presented quilts to in February. It’s always great to get hugs from the guys and of course I’m working on getting a Harley ride with one. Most of the colleges now have Veteran’s Centers so veterans can find help and with us working with them, it has really started to heal some of those wounds in this younger generation.

It has been nice to have more help at QOH Headquarters. We have kept Abigail going as much as we can so that the quilts can keep going out the door.

We had our Spring Bunco this past weekend which was a great success. We made some money and everyone had fun. I was also thankful for Oakdale Sew Sisters – they surprised me with the most beautiful embroidered wall hanging made by Yvonne. I will truly treasure this gift.

What I do want each and every one of you to know is that I appreciate all of our QOH Family. It truly takes an Army of volunteers to keep QOH going and without all of you, our Mission wouldn’t be possible. Please keep on quilting. We have many more to go.

God Bless,