We headed to the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado. I had often wanted to see it and Flo and Debbie had never seen it so off we went with Barb driving us in the Lincoln. Nancy, a high school friend of mines lives there with her husband, retired Army, so we met up. Only our QOH crew knew we were going to award him a quilt. When we arrived, I had wrapped the quilt in my sweatshirt and sat on it so they had no idea we had a quilt. We visited for quite a while and then Dennis got up and that was the moment. I got up pulled out the quilt and presented it to Dennis. He thanked us all, hugged each one of us as he wiped tears from his eyes. Nancy told me she was proud of what we are doing and that we didn’t have to do this. My reply – It is our honor. I teased Dennis about not letting Nancy take over his quilt. It never gets old honoring our heroes.

Then we headed for the beach and I could hardly wait to get my shoes and socks off and get on that beach. On our way out we met the Sandcastle Man – he is famous for sandcastles – just look at the picture. We looked for shells for Flo and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. The hotel is really beautiful and amazing. Their Starbucks are $2.00 more for the same thing in town. It is really beautiful but you would need a big bucket full of money to stay there.

We left the island and headed to Seaport Village where there are many stores and I don’t think Flo missed one. Right before we left, here comes a mother duck with 6 little ducklings and she is heading to the parking lot with the babies. Now you know I wasn’t going for that so I’m out there herding ducks – just can’t take country out of the city.

We headed back to our hotel and tried to find us something to eat. We ended up at the Lazy Dog. What a place – dog pictures and you could eat with your dog on the patio. Turned out the food was great. The girls had me put a picture of me on the rocks at the beach showing I do take days off.

We had put our QOH signs on Barb’s car and we sure have gotten the looks. While riding through town we came upon the building with a beautiful mural and had to get a picture – great meaning in that picture.

Thankful for our day and that we were able to honor another veteran. Stay tuned…………..

God bless,