Well, here we go again on another mission to honor our veterans. We have had a crazy last two weeks preparing for this trip. First, trying to get so many quilts ready as we head into the busiest time of the year for us – I call it Veterans Month. Everyone asks for quilts because this seems to be the only time they remember our veterans. We had great help at the shop and many volunteers took quilts home to bind. Everyone stepped up to the plate. That is what I love about our volunteers for Quilts of Honor – they always give with their heart.

For those of you who live around San Joaquin County, the San Joaquin Magazine published two great articles on Quilts of Honor. One is about our QOH Board member, Flo. It tells her and Johnny’s story with beautiful pictures. There is also one about QOH and me. Two good friends and supporters, Andy Prokop and Tino Adame, are also in the articles. Thanks to Linsey for writing them.

Today was different for me – Barb drove and I was Miss Daisy as Debbie called me. Pretty tough for me to sit in the passenger seat, but I survived. We rode in a 2015 Lincoln Navigator that talks to you, seats are automatic, and the running boards slide out when the door opens. We were riding in style. We had a good drive – made it in 8 hours with three stops. Our biggest road stop was at Sun-Maid Raisins. Of course we had to take pictures and try all the goodies in the market place and yes, we came out with a bag. We can’t unpack the car as there are 8 duffle bags full of quilts in the back so I guess they will tour San Diego. Tomorrow we will play tourist. That will be fun – we will keep you posted.

God bless, and stayed tuned…….