We had a QOH filled day. We had breakfast with Della and Martha, two of our QOH volunteers who came to help. Louie and Becky arrived with the quilts and we were off and running. We got them all in order, covered and ready to go. It’s a beautifully decorated room for the evening – red, white and blue of course. We will start at 6pm tonight so I will blog tomorrow when I can as we will be heading home in the morning.

We are staying at a Holiday Inn Express and the main area is pretty fancy. The bathroom is real fancy – they even had fancy Kleenex so I picked up one on the way out of the bathroom and headed back to the QOH crew. I was telling them about the fancy Kleenex when Della says, “Gail, that’s the paper towels.” Then Becky said, “You can’t take the country out of Gail.” Everyone is laughing. I swear they are Kleenex.

Wasn’t too long when we were all walking back our separate ways and Della and Martha says, “Hey wait, we got you something.” We stop and out comes a box of Kleenex. Don’t think I’ll ever live this one down.

We had some free time after we finished sorting the quilts so Flo and I decided to take our chances and see if we could award a quilt to Brandon at the smart repair store – our 4 time Afghanistan veteran. You will see his face – the smile. I love what we all do. It means so much to our veterans.

Then off to meet my niece who I haven’t seen in many years. She went in the Army and was working the surgery area in Iraq. She is out of the service now, is married to an Army career man, and has three beautiful kids. What an honor to meet her family. So proud I could be a little part of her life.

Now, we are off to our event so stay tuned……………..

God bless,