Quilt Requirements

Thank you for giving quilted hugs of gratitude! Your volunteering efforts make Quilts of Honor possible. Please refer to the Quilt Requirements whenever you are making or preparing materials for quilts. 

1)  Minimum Size: 50” x 60”; Maximum Size: 60” x 70” (determined to be the most practical sizes)

2)  100% cotton fabrics, the best quality you can afford.

3)  Patriotic Colors: red, white and blue are the favorites because of what they represent. (Please, no juvenile prints!)

4)  Patterns and blocks can be any design suitable for a patriotic theme.

5)  Please do not use military branch-of-service fabrics (Army, Navy, etc.) or non-patriotic fabrics, such as florals, as it may create difficulty in finding a recipient.

6)  Wash your fabrics to remove any excess dyes or anything that can irritate the wounded.

7)  Label—include a Quilt of Honor Label (provided by Quilts of Honor)