Today was a nice day with some great sightseeing. We started our day heading to Hamilton, Missouri, home of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Boy, when you say home, it’s building after building of fabric and anything quilting. I have never seen so many bolts of fabric. They even have a lot of employees and at least 4 cutting tables. The rooms were huge. I sat out most of the places and the girls would holler at me if they thought I should see something. We walked into one building and we noticed an Eagle pattern on the wall. Rita had made the same pattern.

So, the girls are having fun looking and I hear Flo say, “Gail, that’s Rob Appell, the guy on TV; get Rita-he made the eagle pattern.” Flo started talking to him while I rounded up our gang. We took pictures and we told him what we did and we all hit it off. He showed us a picture of a patriotic quilt he had made then he said, “It was God’s blessing we met.” We all felt it was one of those things that happens to us.

We left MSQC to head to a small Amish community so the girls could see another fabric shop and see how the Amish live. Of course, we all enjoyed that, too. We decided to go to an Amish cheese place. Well, it was in the boonies. We were actually on dirt roads, mouths watering, and it was closed. Back down the road we go with hardly any gas and we’re in the back country. Rita took a picture of the gas gauge and how far down the road it was. Then we hid a traffic jam—a BIG Tractor. We did get to see some beautiful country.

Now we are starving, no gas, but we finally got to civilization right in time, got gas and headed to Hamilton to find food. I had seen Hank and Tank BBQ so we went there. It was a hole in the wall but the BEST BBQ. The owner came out and talked to us and sure enough he was a Gulf war veteran and we had no quilts. I will take care of that when I get home.

We decided to go back to the hotel to rest and pack but I took another detour to see Frank and Jessie James home. Into the boonies we go again and when we get there it was closed so could only take pictures from a distance. Then we decided to go see a Mill in the same area but it’s all in the woods. When we found it, there were 20-30 people dressed in prom outfits in front of the Mill in the middle of nowhere. Guess what, the Mill is closed. We were batting 1,000. We did stop at Bolts and Cuts, another fabric store before we got back to the hotel. So I’d say the girls got their fill of fabric stores this trip. We could have gone to 20 more, that’s how many are in that area.

We saw a lot of Missouri one side to the other side, saw old friends and made new friends. We worked and played. We wore our navy sweatshirts and often had questions asked about Quilts of Honor. We learn every time we made one of these trips, we can do better on some things.

I am very thankful to my QOH crew who helped and had my back. We all enjoy our passion for Quilts of Honor and it shows in all we do.

Stay tuned for upcoming events . . . . . . . . . .

God bless