I’ve been a little slow in posting to the Blog, probably because I haven’t had time to write. This past weekend we were at the Sonora Quilt Show where we awarded a total of 13 quilts. We had a great Ceremony where we awarded 9 quilts, 2 of which were to Purple Heart recipients, one from WWII. This was a first for the Sierra Quilt Guild and we had our bumps along the way. We didn’t have a microphone so I had to use my Sergeants voice. When I went to call them to attention, my voice croaked. The rest of the Ceremony I was swigging water so I could speak. Bet my crew would have liked to see me not speak.

We ended our weekend giving out two more quilts, one to a veteran who was visiting from Los Angeles with his wife. Joyce chased him down and when we gave him his quilt, he couldn’t speak and tears rolled down his face, his wife had tears too. It is so cool to be able to help our veterans heal.

Now I’m sitting in the airport trying to remember what I have done lately. We are heading to San Antonio, Texas to award 50 quilts with Debbie, Flo, Rita and Bob. It should be an interesting week. I will be posting along the way – we probably will be making many U-turns in Texas. We hope the car is big enough for us to fit 5 duffel bags, Flo’s extra large suitcase and the rest of us. We will miss Barb – she will be holding down the Fort.

God bless and stay tuned……….