We arrived in Texas about 3:00 pm and of course it wasn’t without some type of problem. Debbie tripped on the ramp coming out of the plane and fell skinning her knee – that was real exciting. She is stiff and now has a band aid on her knee. We rented a Chevy Traverse to drive us around. The clerk upgraded us when he found out what we do – how cool! I figured since we had a bigger car we were good – WRONG! We had 5 duffle bags the size of German Shepherds plus five more suitcases. We were jammed in like sardines. Flo was in the back seat buried by suitcases. When we got to the hotel, we pried Flo out along with all that luggage. When we got inside the hotel, they were all looking at us like, you got a lot of luggage. We weren’t even in our room for more than 13 minutes when Rita and Bob came and said, “let’s go eat.” We are only about a mile from the River Walk so off we went.

I always wanted to try a Texas steak and boy was it good. Then we went on a great river ride and ended our evening with ICE CREAM. Tomorrow we tour the Center for the Intrepid – wounded warriors. We will meet Fred, our QOH coordinator here.

We enjoyed our time at the River Walk. The weather is warm but so far not bad. I did make one U-turn in the car but mostly we did a lot of walking.

God bless and stay tuned……….