Today we went to the Center for the Intrepid. It was built by Mr. Fisher in 2007 with private donations. It is a state of the art rehabilitation facility to treat amputees and burn victims. Check out the picture of where they teach our warriors to surf. We had a great tour and Fred and Debbie from our QOH Texas Chapter joined us. Also joining us on the tour was Colonel Strange and his family. When I saw the Colonel, I knew right off he was going to receive a quilt before our tour was over. His mom and dad were with him from Nebraska so Mom – I talked to them all about our family in Nebraska. Colonel Strange’s name is Patrice – does the name sound familiar. She thought what we did was the best and she hadn’t even seen what we were about to do.

We started the tour and it was better than the first time I saw it. When we got to the gun range, a young man came running down the hall to let us in the door. After we got in the room, he gave us a talk and let us hold an Army field vest – man are they heavy. When he ended his talk, he said, “Bean you can come out” and out came a Lab (dog). I asked him if it was his and he said, “Yes, I was in the Army and I have a prosthetic leg.” Right then I turned to Flo and told her to hand me a quilt. I walked up to him and shook his hand. There wasn’t a dry eye with everyone on the tour. My heart just felt so good and to see him kneeling with his dog in front of his quilt was just the greatest.

We weren’t through yet. When we finished the tour, I quickly went to the Colonel and presented him with our other quilt. His mother cried, his dad was so proud, and he told me, “I never would have thought I would get one.” Come to find out, he signed his retirement papers today and he had his change of command ceremony. He had 32 years in the Army. What an honor and who would have known we would be there today and he would be in our tour group. Those angels were watching over us again. We all walked out of there so happy – we knew we done good.

We went to lunch at Chacho, homemade tortillas and great Mexican food. They give you everything big in Texas and they were really big burritos and big ice tea. We then decided I needed to go boot shopping. Everyone had fun watching me and teasing me. Did I buy a pair? You’ll have to wait and see. While riding back to the hotel, we found a “Rent-A-Tire” store – now try and figure that out. We sure got a laugh out of it.

When we got back to the hotel, we started on our quilts.  51 quilts will be presented Thursday night to some very deserving veterans. That’s why we came to San Antonio. It is their military reunion and they have no idea what will be happening.

We did get to see one of the oldest Catholic Churches this morning. It’s all hand painted. Another great, long day but what we do is so very special and you quilters out there are such a blessing. You are making a difference. It’s been great to see Fred and Debbie again.

God bless you all and stay tuned…………