We arrived safely and Fred picked us up without a hitch.  Fred really is Dorothy – her nickname is Fred and she and Debbie are headquarters for Quilts of Honor in San Antonio.  We are staying with Fred and her husband and their dog Mokca.  Mokca is so cool and runs on the treadmill.

We had lunch at Chaco Mexican food and you can see from the photo how big that burrito is and that’s only a half on a homemade tortilla – Jan, you would love this place.  After lunch we went for a scenic drive to Debbie’s, our other QOH partner.  Did I tell you Fred likes to do u-turns but not like me.  Debbie lives in the Texas country side down a dirt road, through two gates, past the outhouse and you’re there.  We saw the prettiest flowers – all wild.  I kept saying, “look at those flowers.”  In DC it was colors but here it’s wild flowers.  The white ones are some fancy Indian name and Debbie told us not to touch them because they sting.

We have been up since 2:00am and it’s now 8:30pm, so quite a day.  Barb is helping Fred in the kitchen for tomorrow.  We had a great time at Debbie’s.  She had Longhorns and we saw a baby Longhorn.  There are oil fields right in the middle of the cow pastures.  We met Hana, her Longarm, and had good snacks.  Of Course they had an outhouse and guess what – when they deliver batting they stick it in the outhouse.  Loved the bottle tree and their gate.

They have a big day planned for us tomorrow.  We will meet some of their quilters – one is 86 years young, a southern lady.  They all talk like me, too.  As you can see, Mokca was helping me type the blog – he is very smart.

Mom, the blue bonnets are beautiful.  All the wildflowers are awesome and it’s green here.  I will close for tonight but know tomorrow will be a day to remember – we are going out to where they rehab our wounded warriors and present about 8 quilts.

God bless you all.  Stay tuned…..