I thought November was busy but then December hit and we never missed a beat with all the quilts and their presentations. One ceremony after another, all so deserving and rewarding for our veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf and Iraq. We managed to surprise each recipient. Look at the great smiles on some of those faces and yes, we got many tears always from our Vietnam veterans. One week we did three ceremonies and traveled over 400 miles by the time we were done.

We have gone above and beyond when asked for quilts even on short notice. We had three days to prepare 14 quilts and get them ready – take pictures, fill out labels, and attach letters. It is sometimes overwhelming. Our QOH crew always comes through.

Some of our special moments were awarding to a five year recovering homeless veteran who now works helping other veterans. Then the 90 plus year old WWII veteran who flew 90 some missions and was an unspoken hero. We gave to our Veteran Brotherhood, a group of Vietnam veterans who got together and formed a group to help each other. For the past 5 years we have been working with this group and each year they pick more recipients who are always surprised to receive their quilts. I especially liked awarding to an Army cowboy and he let me borrow his hat after I gave him his quilt. They said it was a little large for me – what do you think?

We went to the VFW in Concord, CA-we were their big surprise at their Christmas lunch and we awarded 14 quilts.

Haven’t gotten a total yet for 2016 of quilts awarded from all our groups but I know everyone went above and beyond. I am so proud of this organization.

Sorry for the late post. Tomorrow (Friday) we will be on our way to San Diego to award quilts at a Marine Reunion so stay tuned. . . . . . . . .

God bless,