The Belmont arrived home about 9:45pm PDT!!

and the folks at the shop  decorated the driveway ” A Heroes Welcome home!!” so to speakflags

Post from Gail

Its hard for me to believe this has come to an end.  This mission is complete but our quilts of valor missions will continue with more Vigor and strength.  We all have grown from this experience.
I have learned don”t wash your Truck cuz it rains. I’ve learned, We have the greatest quilters and supporters an organization can have and we all want the same thing  “Cover our combat Warriors”.  As your operations Officer it has been an  Honor to represent you in this mission. I hope you felt like you made the trip with us. Mom and Dad Belmont will always remember how good we were treated at our stops and we still have snacks we’ll share with our quilters in the shop

Gail ssg USArmy
Mom and Dad. Belmont
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