We had us quite a day. We picked Rita up at the Springfield Airport and headed to Bass Pro, the original one and the first one in the United States. It has all kinds of museums, waterfalls and fish, and it is over a block long BIG. It even had a duck with a blue bill – that was quite interesting. Then we went to Lamberts to eat. They throw rolls at you and bring you fried okra, fried potatoes, macaroni and then you get what you ordered. Just look at those plates. We rolled out of there we were so full.

It was a good thing we decided to go to Smallin Civil War Cave, we got to walk off that lunch. It was a great experience, very beautiful and the history is amazing. The Osage Indians used the cave and Eric, our guide, sang us a prayer song in the cave. That was awesome. We left there and headed back to Branson where the girls got to go shopping at two quilt stores so they better not complain. Of course I got to go case the knife outlet. We walked our legs off and then we took Rita to Dicks 5 & 10 store and they must have been there a half hour. I finally went and sat on a bench with a fellow veteran and we chatted.

I think Rita has decided I’m a crazy driver. I told her that here I don’t do U-turns, I just circle the mountains and circle the turnabouts.  We ended our evening at Cold Stone for ice cream.

We are heading out in the morning for Warrington, MO to see my quilting friends from our 2009 cross-country trip. Can’t wait to see them. We had a beautiful sun today and it was actually warm. There is so much to see here and we haven’t even gotten a show in.

God bless and stay tuned . . . . . . . . . .