We had a busy day helping set up chairs in the Chapel and decorate the room for the mixer. Deb and Flo I think are amazed at all our women veterans and how excited we are to see each other. I ran the raffle with Debbie and Flo’s help – we must have had 50 raffle prizes. And, the 2 of them won about 5 each. We gave out 3 quilts. Our first was to a retired Women’s Army Corps Nurse, Peggy; the second to Betty, also a retired Women’s Army Corps veteran; and the last was to a Command Sergeant Major of the Women’s Army Corps. All three veterans were so thankful for their quilts. Because our raffle was so big, my voice got hoarse – everyone liked that. We had good eats and received goodie bags.

Then I heard everyone warming up. “Gail, get your horn, we’re practicing,” so off I went. There are quite a few videos on Facebook of us playing jazz music. I know it surprised Debbie and Flo but they enjoyed it. Have to be to practice at 0900 so the girls are getting a taste of Army life. They will be going with me. It is nice to have family with me and all my sisters are asking who they are.

Before I close for the night, Denise, who is active duty Army, got home from Iraq to film everything for us. She told Flo and I how much her QOH she took to Iraq with her meant and how she had to stuffed it into a small box to carry it with her. She said she had stuffed her pockets full of everything else just so she could take her quilt. Now ladies and gents, that says so much about our quilts.

I will keep you all posted – actually hitting the bed early.
Take care and God Bless.