Our morning started early.  Fred and I took Mocha to the Dog Park.  Now that is city living when you have to go to the Dog Park.  We then packed up and headed to Natalia, Texas for the workshop.  We met Debbie, our QOH partner, there and set up for the workshop.  The ladies started on kits that Fred had put together.  There were 18 ladies, not as many as usual, because there was a funeral of one of the church members.  We had awesome homemade pecan rolls, cookies, and lots of good finger food.  My only job was picking out a block.

Our big excitement of the morning was my wearing a fastanator.  A very nice lady came up to me and asked if I would wear a fastanator.  I asked what it was and she said she had one on her head.  It was red, purple and pink – really not my colors – but within seconds she had put it on my head.  I thought Barbara was going to fall over laughing.  Now, I’m trying to be polite and this nice lady said she could make me a patriotic one.  We’ll see, but we sure got a laugh out of it.  She told me I looked sassy and the guys would make nice comments.  So, quite entertaining.  We had a nice lunch and spent most of the day at the workshop.

We left there and went to get Fred set up at the bank – 2 ½ hours later all three of us were about crazy.  We ended up going to Blancos for BBQ.  It was so good.  It would be worth coming back.

We had a great, fast trip; met some wonderful people and dogs.  Loved the wildflowers.  It is such a military town and the need for quilts is great.  This group is slowly growing.  In the 2 years since they began, they have done an awesome job.

I will close for now so we can go eat Bluebell ice cream and brownies.  Until our next adventure……

God bless,
We will be back, Texas!