I sit here tonight and reflect how serving during the Vietnam era changed my life and so many others I know. We so often award our quilts to those Vietnam veterans and so many become very emotional. You can still see the pain in their eyes but then that quilt reaches their hands and soon there is a smile or a loving look. There are so many Vietnam veterans, their wounds so deep that you wonder how they have survived all these years.

This past week has been Vietnam Veterans Recognition Week with ceremonies in different towns and cities. It is nice to see this happening after 50 years.

FloBrooksI attended two different events this week and even today it is hard to think back. When you think back you have to remember those events you have blocked for so many years. Today was different. I sat in the audience just like any other veteran but I was there to support Flo. Flo was the speaker for the Vietnam Veteran’s Ceremony. She was there to tell her story of Johnny, and that she did. I was very proud of her. Since the first day I met Flo I knew she was special. Her love for Johnny is the kind you usually only read in books. I always knew she had the strength of an elephant (she will kill me for that) to have gone 41 years caring for a wounded warrior. She suffered just as many of us veterans suffered. She will tell you she didn’t – he was her husband; veterans will tell you we were doing our job – the parallels of both. Many would not have stood by their man like Flo did but when you get to know Flo you realize that she is passionate about anything she loves. Quilting became her big passion and Quilts of Honor is lucky enough to have her as part of our family. She honors our veterans – she understands – she lived it. God bless you Flo. I dedicate this to you for all you did for Johnny and what you continue to do. You are a true inspiration for Quilts of Honor and may we be able to quilt together for a long time to come.

We have had great workshops these last couple of months with 50 plus volunteers attending. I am so proud of these ladies who come every month. The passion of our Quilts of Honor family is beyond what I ever could have imagined.

This summer we are excited to be having a Patriotic quilt display on the USS Hornet on the Fourth of July weekend. That is one big ship. We invite all of our Quilts of Honor families, near or far, to participate if you would like. The biggest day will be the Fourth. More information will follow.

To all of our QOH groups out there – we are here for you and proud of your part in this organization.

God bless,