Welcome NV

Hey snow over the pass but beautiful my truck is dirty already stopped to see my second mom in Garderville were on schedule so far, miss my ‘Red Valor’ donkey already


We got our first wave from a car from nm


Jerky, is good stuff thank we ate dried fruit and bread sticks already still ranin winamuca 94 miles

G 10:30am pst

Thank god the speed limit is 75 Its borning

G  11:15am pst

Were goin stop winnemuca to eat were goin have ham and eggs
For 3:99 can you believe it cuz I stopped to see my second mom
And got hug and kiss and 100 bucks life is good

g 12:37pst

We ate our ham and eggs it was so good thank you mom johnson
Its still rainin dad is driving I’m going to cat nap. Gps says we have 285 miles to hampton inn who gave us our room for free Amen thank you hampton inn
g  1:40pst

Mom forgot her curlers I forgot my pocket knife and money clip how dumb are we. We finally got the sun and no more rain after my truck is a mess good thing we got american express

2.57 for gas at flying jay this is your accross the county gas price 172 miles to go to salt lake it sunny dad needs bannas for leg cramps one banna 69cents can’t get video yet I’ll shoot some shots I hope soon

got a wave from Mo state

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*** In Fernly, Nevada 9:45AM PST – updated by kats