We have finished at Warrenton and are headed to Caseyville for the night.  We were sent off with $389.00 in donations, sandwiches and homemade cookies.  I wish everyone of you could be in this truck, we are seeing what America used to be like.  We were escorted by legion riders, then the police cars joined, then they blocked all traffic and saluted us as we passed by.  I almost lost it, mom was crying in the back seat, I was crying, we turned the corner, I was hanging out window taking pictures and people were lined up clapping.  I never felt so proud!
They had a ceremony at the American Legion it was so great.  Life on the road  –G

95 quilts and $200 in donations through the blog,  Thank You everyone for helping us along the way, we couldn’t be doing this with out the support of all of you!!!   –admin