Recently we received correspondence from a quilter and husband wanting to make quilts for Quilts of Honor.  This is their story:

“My husband actually agreed to attend a quilt show with me.  So one beautiful day in Sonora, CA in 2014, we walked into a building full of quilts.  My husband was wearing his VietNam Vet hat and as we approached the Quilts of Honor booth he was immediately surrounded by women who were thanking him for serving our nation.  They shook his hand, gave him hugs, took his photo.  We both were so overwhelmed as they presented him with a quilt that neither of us could speak.  And that continues to be the case to this day.  Tears well up and a lump fills the throat, the emotion is so great.  After all the years of being condemned, FINALLY, someone (a lot of someones) was saying Thank You.  And we find this to be true throughout the Central Valley of California – unlike the rest of the state.  So, when a couple of my quilt organizations started making Blocks of the Month, I decided to make mine in red, white and blue so I could pay back this kindness and I can pay forward to the wonderful men and women who have given big parts of their lives to serve this country.

I will continue to make my BOMs for QOH and hope to have 2-3 quilt tops per year to donate to this wonderful project.

Thank you, Gail, and all your associates for caring about those who have sacrificed so much.    Elaine”

Thank you all for supporting our Mission.  God bless,