Were on the road to Camp LeJeune and I think it might be good were comin in after dark.  We went to Tellico Quilters QOV Challenge and Celebration on our way.  Oh my, was it something.  We were the surprise for the 300 some attending quilters, but I want to tell you they knocked our socks off.  For the first time Catherine was speechless and you know how hard that is.  They gave us flowers they posted the colors, including MY ARMY colors with 5 generations of veterans. Catherine awarded a QOV to a Marine CPT, that quilt was awesome it had campaign medals on the quilt.  They sang National Anthem and everyone sang, and the ladies cried,  Then we went to where they had 95 QOV’s on display.  All you quilters you would of went nuts.  We had lunch we wasn’t supposed to stay, but it was really something .  This country is so proud of Quilts of Valor, you guys your calls are working.
We will be meeting with everyone at Camp LeJeune and the quilts will be given out on Monday.  Thank you to all that are out there fighting for us.  We are on a mission, we will deliver your QOV’s, we will even get a tour of Camp LeJeune .  This day on the road has been historical.  Stay tuned

I just spoke to Gail, she is thrilled everything is going to work out.  I don’t know the details, she was so excited.  She was talking so fast.  When we get details we will let you know.  Thank you for all your support  🙂 –admin

Were in the the mountains there very green, but really twistie. We’ve picked up Debra and Duane Granger who have two sons in the Marines and are carrying 75 QOV’s.  They will be with us the rest of the trip.  Were in the smoky mountains I was told. I still keep thinking about the National Anthem, then Catherine brings out the fart phone I think she has lost it .  Life on the road  –G

We are in NC we missed the sign.  We’ve been on the phone.  Its sunny and beautiful, the Marines are coming through but I’m sure they’re wondering what kind of quilters are in the truck to cause this much ruckus . Don’t forget we gotta get home, Know anyone with money
Mom loves the country and wants to stay.  Life on the road

green mtns

We’re on our way to Jacksonville, and we expect to get in real late, so there may not be a Goodnight Post.  Tomorrow we will be touring Camp LeJeune.  Sunday we plan on working with the quilts in Jacksonville, and Monday is the big day… QOV’s will be awarded to deserving Marine’s and Sailor’s of the 3/8th.  -G