Today we started our first practice at 0900 and we were to be in the Chapel and not be late. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel with everyone and then headed to the Chapel. I think they wanted us to stay awake because it was so cold in there. Everyone had jackets on. Debbie and Flo were going to relax and listen so they sat out in the pews. We started warming up and all of a sudden we heard yipping. We all laughed then the next thing I see is Debbie and Flo rescuing a little girl. Her name is Diva and she is 5 years old, has crippled legs from birth and belongs to one of our saxophone players. They watched her all during practice and that Diva loved every minute of it. Leave it to those two animal lovers.

We got our break for lunch at 11:00 so we went to Zaxby’s and had great chicken salad. Then I took the girls on a tour of Anniston and yes, they found a fabric shop. We did find some Air Force panels. So now those two have been to 2 fabric shops. We headed back to the base and went to our big PX – about as big as Burger King in Valley Springs, but they found me a cool Army jacket. We finished practice at 3:00, went back to the room and actually rested. We had a great dinner at Elfinias. I had fried artichoke hearts – best I have ever had.

You will see a picture collage of a quilt that was awarded to our Director, Mona Meltz.  She had been our Director for 17 years. She is now 86 and lives in Appleton, WI. Three of our members went and presented it to her in person. I love the smile. This lady meant so much to so many of us in the band. They told me she was so thrilled with the quilt – you can see it hanging on her wall.

We are excited for our banquet tomorrow night and will keep you posted. It is so great to be able to see each other and play together. We never miss a beat even after two years from our last reunion.

Stay tuned and God bless,