We arrived in Tennessee late Thursday night. The flight was nice, too. Only event was buying ten tons of ice cream before we left the Oakland Airport. Deb and Flo were my legs so they went to get it. So, I’m sitting in the wheelchair eating my ice cream, really thankful, when Flo says, “you know the ice cream cost $35 for three ice creams and water?” I almost chocked. I’ll remember that for a long time.

When we arrived at the hotel it was 12:30 at night. We got a luggage rack to carry our stuff. Now remember, we have Flo with us and her bag is always the biggest. We started loading the cart and Deb was trying to hold it and yes, you guessed it. The luggage and cart ran away down the hill – pretty entertaining. We finally got settled for the night. We even slept with the luggage cart in the room we were so tired. In the morning Deb and I go to take our cart and luggage to the car. This time the cart starts off on its own and runs over Deb’s toe. I started laughing – I couldn’t help myself. These two nice guys catch our cart and help us – Deb’s toe is ok by the way!

We finally got loaded up and started down Highway 411 to go to Englewood, TN to have lunch with Beth and Chief Sizemore. All the way there we saw yard sales along the road. We found out that it is a special event they do along Highway 411. I had a really hard time keeping Debbie and Flo focused on going to lunch. I had to make a few “u-turns” for Tennessee road signs and then put my brakes on for a barn with a quilt block on it and for cows so Jan could see we saw some – they were white.

One of our first u-turns was after we passed quilts hanging out on a line. That was a big u-turn or I never would have lived it down. I walked up to the quilts and a lady with a cane came up and said, “I’m selling these for $75.” I looked at them and knew this lady didn’t have much money. They leaved in an old trailer, so yes, I bought one. She was so proud and I asked if we could take a picture of her. Look at that smile. Her name is Lucille and I know as we drove off, we had done something good.

We finally got to Beth and Chiefs in Englewood, TN and the first thing the girls see are quilt blocks on the barn. They live in a house build in 1908 and the history was so cool. Chief even has a port hole window in his bathroom. We had a southern lunch – coleslaw, potato salad, pulled pork and cheesecake. We had a great time visiting and were so glad we could make this stop. Thank you Beth and Chief for staying friends all these years and continuing to honor our veterans.

We left Englewood and drove to Gatlinburg, TN where we settled for the night. Never seen so many sites. The Smoky Mountains are beautiful. We found the biggest veterans store in the United States and a Christmas store that was huge. We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel –so good. We are finally settled for the night after we went swimming in the pool. So I would say we had a great day. Tomorrow will be another adventure.

Everyone stay well and safe. God bless,