We always know November will be our busiest month and that never seems to change for us. This week we started our first event at the Berean Christian School in Walnut Creek.

A few years ago my brother approached me about talking to the economics teacher about making Quilts of Honor at their school. We took a trip to Walnut Creek to meet Lynn and the next thing we knew the High School students were cutting strips and sewing their first quilts. Then came the idea of let’s have a ceremony and awards the quilts the students made so they can experience what it means. Since then, each year it has grown and is now becoming a tradition at the school. I love going to it. They do everything truly patriotic, singing and standing for the National Anthem. They have a huge beautiful choir that sings like angels.

This year Queen B’s Quilts of Honor group stepped up to the plate, worked with the school, and prepared all of the quilts, even getting last minute calls for quilts. Quilts of Honor has true dedicated volunteers.

It was an honor to meet two WWII veterans. Both had great stories and spoke to the students and thanked Quilts of Honor for their quilts. Two of the quilts were made by the students and when we presented them we said these came from your school. The applause was nuts. We asked all of the veterans to stand in the Gym and the students stood and applauded them. So cool that they are learning what veterans mean.

Our last stop before we left the school was to Lynn’s class so we could give one quilt to a student who was to present to her uncle and yes, I gave her instructions on how to present. When we were walking down the hall, a young man yelled out to me ‘thank you’ and my brother Russ asked me if he just thanked me. I said yes and Russ said wow that’s so amazing. I said I guess they were listening this morning.

I will be blogging often in the next week and a half. We have two more events before New Orleans.

To all of our QOH groups, send us your pictures and stories to Jan so we can add them to the blog (janyb@att.net).

We are one big family working to honor our veterans.

God bless and stay tuned . . . . . . . . . . . . . .