Today was quite an experience.  We went to the Center for the Intrepid where they fit and rehab our wounded warriors with prosthetics.  The Center was named after the USS Intrepid which had been refitted for battle four times.  Intrepid means fearless and today we saw fearless.

We were given a tour of the facility.  It was built in 16 months by the Fisher Foundation and was financed entirely by private donations through the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  Over 600,000 people contributed to the $50 million construction cost.  It is state of the art.  They have a surfing wave system as if you were on the beach.  NASA made them a special chair for exercise.  There are computers that connect to each warrior so they can examine everything about the warrior and they can even send them back into battle by what the computer tells them.  They are able to fit up to 5 different prosthetics for whatever their need is.

We awarded 8 quilts today.  Bonnie awarded the first quilt.  She is 86 years young and boy, what s southern lady.  We gave to an Army Veteran who is retired and goes to the center to sit and talk with the warriors or sit while they have surgery if no family is there for support.  We also gave to a retired Navy veteran who gave us a tour.  By the time we had finished our tour, we knew he was a candidate for a quilt.  So deserving – he was an Honor Guard at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.  We gave to three other active duty wounded warriors.  The bravery we saw today would make you so proud.

Fred had us all dress alike – I think she has a little of me.  We all left the Center with great respect for the Center and for those who work there and, of course, our warriors.

Then we went to the Cracker Barrel.  To all our California QOH family – we ate your share.  We came home early and had great company with the ladies who do Quilts of Honor here.  Fred made us help with egg salad for tomorrow and I flunked egg peeling.  We had pizza for dinner, blue bell ice cream and brownies and yes, Mom, that ice cream is the best.  It’s now quiet as everyone went home and we are preparing for the workshop tomorrow.  Fred and Debbie have done a great job with this group that started two years ago.  It has taken over Fred’s life like it has many of ours but she gets it.  Fred said she will need a vacation after me – I don’t know if that’s good but she has great passion and I’m very proud of Bexar County Quilts of Honor.

Thank you to my brother for filling in for me so I could make the trip and thanks to Flo for taking care of my Freckles.

Oh, Texas is sure big – lots of traffic, crazy roads and thank God I’m not driving.  They do have stars on things all over.

God bless – more tomorrow