Well catherine is on the plane and will arrive around noon.  Our quilters are coming to us, thank you boulder co. so I have learned be flexible and patient, which I’ve never been good at. I think I inherited it from dad. So were sitting in motel hoping the weather holds for us.  There showing us baseball hail and tornadoes on tv .
Don’t tell me about CA ain’t the place to live, we don’t have all this stuff.

Thought today was starting good.  Then catherine calls that
She’s delayed in san diego still isn’t on plane.  Then we find out
We had wrong address for quilt pick up.  Then I’m out cleaning the truck all done and think she’s so pretty and d__ the sprinkler comes on gets me wet and the side of the truck so wipe the truck down again and go to room
And dry my britches with the hair dyer life is good on the road
Just got off the phone with catherine another hour delay pray she gets on plane
Sunny this morning clouds all around goin to breakfast then get the boss
Everybody have a great morning and see you on the road