dinner nebraska

First to report, is we had good weather. I think Catherine brought us good luck.  She’s got experience of life on the road with the Belmonts.  Dad drove all day, we had to tell to him to stop or I know we would of made Lincoln tonight.  Best was we took a detour to eat, listening to GPS for instructions and we couldn’t find the restaurant.  We ended up in the small town of Brady, NE.  So we go to turn the corner and turn around and there
is the Hitchin Post Saloon. So we roll down the window and ask the guy where can we get a steak,  he points to saloon.  Catherine was cracking up laughing, we go inside it looks like we went back to the fifties.  Everyone was friendly and we got a $5.00 donation every little bit counts.  We had the best steak & fries I’ve had in years and memories will never forget.

It was great meeting the Boulder Gang, Becky, Sallie, Lori, Pam its so great to meet the ladies that make these QOV’s.  Their QOVs were truly beautiful and made us proud to receive them.  I’ve been chained to the longarm so long I forgot what it was like out here in the world.  I love seeing the corn fields and green, green grass.

We leave in AM for Lincoln were all excited about the riders and quilt museum.  Thank you all for watching us it makes me not so homesick.

God Bless everyone