We started the day with breakfast made by Chef Carl as we all gathered around the table. We had a slow morning until my contact for our Event called and said he wanted to meet at 2:00 pm. So we loaded up our NCIS car and headed for town. We decided we had time to tour the Garden District so we parked the car and decided we would play real tourist and ride the streetcar. You buy a $3.00 ticket, ride all over, and get off where you need. We were lucky to arrive at the first stop where they were changing drivers so we made friends. His name is Terrance and he gave us the scoop but guess what, we didn’t get it. We rode down the line to the Garden District which took so long we only had like 15 minutes to walk around, got back on the car and rode back to make our meeting. We said, well that was nice – at least we were sitting down and not walking. Carl and Rita took a cemetery tour and met us back for the meeting.

We got to meet up with our contact and met the staff of the hotel. We went over our list so everyone was on the right page. We met the President and so far, there are only two people that we know of that know what we are doing. We did present one quilt today to the head of Military Planning Reunions. He was very surprised and really liked it. I will tell you to keep on quilting. We have been requested to do some awesome work.

We were at our meeting longer than expected and when we finished, we were all starving. We had dinner at Mulate’s, southern food – fish, yuk. Thank God they had hamburger steak which me and brother Lou had. It was a good place. Then we decide to go to Pat O’Brien’s so the gang could get the famous blue drink so back to the train we go but we couldn’t catch it. Everyone was almost running when Debbie gets to the car and the driver looks out and stops. Guess who it was – our Terrance. He opened the doors and said there are my peoples – boy was he happy. We ride down until our street came up, got off and heard some great music. The place we were going was just too far and I couldn’t walk it so Debbie, Flo and I got back on the train and headed back to the car. Boy we saw about 4 blocks of light, music and crazy people. It was something.

I am writing this sitting in the NCIS car waiting for the last of the crew to get their butts in the car. We have an appointment tomorrow with the group and hopefully we will see New Orleans. So here is the injury report – Lou has blisters on his feet and Debbie has spurs on hers – the walking is taking a toll on us old folks.

We started home and we had 8 motorcycles fly by us at 80 miles an hour – scared the heck out of us and not two seconds later we stop dead – red light and sirens everywhere then smoke. We drove through it after a 10 minute wait. The smoke was so bad we had to cover our mouths.

Now it’s 9:40pm and they are in Wally World again – hope we get home tonight safe and sound.

But, our night wasn’t over. We left Wally World to come home, got in the house and we headed to the kitchen to have ice cream. As I went to the sink to wash my hands, out comes the biggest moving bug. I screamed and Rita and Debbie came over to see why I’m screaming and then they screamed. Then, around the corner comes Toni screaming. Now you have 4 screaming women and one big bug. Rita had to take a picture and Debbie just stayed in place, not even a flinch. To the rescue comes Brother Lou – he kills the bug, puts it down the disposal and it splashes in his face. Oh boy, what a night.

We are excited to finally get close to our event so stay tuned . . . . . .

God bless and prayers to all at home,