We woke up a little slower today. I looked out at the water – it was so calm and no winds. I got my coffee and soon I was out on the dock chasing an egret and a pelican trying to take a picture. I finally got one of the egrets, he was small but I got to get so close, I was so excited.

We were scheduled to be in town by 10:00 am to sort out Quilts and get ready for tomorrow (Friday). The staff at the Renaissance have been fantastic. They kept our quilts safe until we arrived and were able to unload them. The crew got right in and double checked names and pulled the quilts for the recipients who were not able to attend. In the end, we had a total of 84 quilts and we had brought extra just in case. So, we will need to ship home about 20 quilts and some extra stuff. We were all discussing if we should try and drag them in duffels or ship and how can we ship, and where is FedEx. I decided to go to the desk and ask where the nearest FedEx was. I was talking to the desk clerk when this young man walks up, looks at me and my shirt, and says, “I’m a veteran and all you do I’ll take are of this.” I asked what service and he replied Army Iraq veteran. I told him to come with me and so he could see what we had. We headed for the room that they had set up for us. As I walked in I announced to the crew that I had an Iraq veteran and they knew I was going to give him a quilt. We quickly grabbed a quilt and presented. His name was Bryan and as we talked to him he told us he had deployed three times to Iraq. We all said wow. Bryan couldn’t believe what he saw with all the quilts. He said he would take care of shipping and boxing them up and we were all thrilled – that took a load off getting them shipped home.

While we were working, the Renaissance had coffee and beignets made fresh so the crew brought some for all of us to eat while we worked. They were the best we had. It took us a while but we were organized soon and headed to the French Market in the French Quarter.

Now that was an interesting place but very clean down there and some interesting arts and crafts. Then we were off to find pralines since they make them here and of course we had one of each. Then we went to lunch at Monty’s Southern New Orleans Food – we all enjoyed it. Definitely different food but everything is fried – bet you could get clogged arteries living around here. The group then split up – some went to Harrah’s and we got on our favorite trolley car and went to the Garden District to see the mansions. They have broken brick sidewalks from big oak trees. The trees are beautiful. We saw Sandra Bullock’s house and John Goodman’s house. We jumped back on our trolley to head back to see the Christmas tree lighting in Jackson Square. We were riding the trolley back when all of a sudden it stopped and they told us to get out of the car and go to the next car – that was a lot of fun – it could only happen to us. We finally figured out that the trolley system and we’re about to go home.

We got to see the Christmas tree lighting New Orleans style. It was nice with music playing – can’t believe Christmas is almost here.

While riding the trolley, we did see two of our quilt recipients on the trolley – we could tell from their lanyards. If only they knew we would be honoring them the next night.

We finally got home, late again, and now are having a Board meeting. Will try to blog some tomorrow but it may be short. We will tell a little of how it went.

God bless and stay tuned . . . . . . . .