We are in the car.  Gail is ironing out details at the Camp Lejeune end.  I am upload and downloading files while Bob drives and Virginia is looking out the window.

Patriot Riders

Patriot Riders

This morning, we were escorted out of Lincoln, NE by our American Legion riders from yesterday.  This time, I got to be in the truck and see them ahead of us.  I got real goosebumps!  I have never been escorted like that before and let me tell you, it  was an honor and humbling at the same time.

I finally got to meet Kate Kruse who I have known for over 5 years through QOV.  What a powerful house.  I loved seeing two female veterans…Kate – Marine and Gail-Army together.  Both veterans, both wartime quilters!

Kate Kruse & Gail ... who has the sweeter ride?

For the quilt exchange, Kate had us meet at the WWI memorial in Kansas City.  She gave us 11 QOVs.  I didn’t know that Kate was a journalist in the Marines.  She showed us her journal that will accompany her QOVs.  She is a hoot!  She has a sticker on the back of her van that sez “I don’t do normal”.  All of us in the car know exactly what that means!

Just before we left, Gail and I went into the WWI Memorial to see 2 WWI quilts.  One was a blue star quilt and another made up of fabric that was in cigar boxes.  Pixs to follow.  What most impressed me was the walkway over a field of poppies.  Each poppy represents 1,000 killed.  I believe the number of killed was over 9 million.